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“It is while travelling that one finds wisdom.”
(Bamileke- Cameroon)*

A great diversity of landscapes characterizes this country of West Africa, located at the hollow of the gulf of Guinea.

Area : 475 442 km2

Capital : Yaounde (1 million inhabitants but Douala count 1,3 million inhabitants).

Language(s) Speak : French (75%), English (25%), some 220 dialects of which pidgin, bamikélé, the fang, foulfouldé, the béti, the moundang.

Currency : Franc CFA
Source : wmedia.cameroon-info.net
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Agriculture :
It is a priority in Cameroon. It represents more half of the recipes of exploitation. Working population: 75% of the working population, surface agricultural useful: 51.000 km2 i.e. 10,7%of the territory. Agriculture is primarily traditional: it accounts for 90%of cultivated surfaces. CULTURES Of EXPLOITATION: cocoa, coffee, cotton,bananas, palm tree with oil, tea, tobacco, pineapple, rubber and works out of rubber.

Food crops :
Rice, millet and sorghum, corn,cane sugar, groundnut, bean, plantain, manioc, yams, macabo and taro, potatoes.

Breeding :
Cow , sheep, caprine, porcine, poultries, rabbits, equine, canine. There are cattle-breeding areas intensive in the West of the country and on the Central plate.

Fishing :
841.000 tons of fish of sea and fresh water in 1991.

Forest :
It covers a third of the country for: - the cabinet work (sapelli, sipo, bubinga, ebony, mahogany tree) - theunwinding (ayous, cheesemonger, ilomba) - construction (nitrogenized,doussié, iroko, etc).

Products of the basement :
Oil, iron, natural gas, bauxite,rutile, tin, gold, limestone, uranium.

Electricity :
Cameroon is the first producer of Black Africa French-speaking. The electric production is primarily of hydraulic origin.

Industry :
1st rank of the countries of the French zone in central Africa. Industry accounts for 15% of the GNP. The form-produceindustry sector accounts for 50% of the sales turnover of Cameroonian industries. Textile, metal industry, industry of wood: hundred company exploit40% of the exploitable forest surface.

Cameroon ground of Tourism :

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“Cameroon tourisms in the plural”, report extracted from “Africa Magazine -Edition n°212 of May 2003”
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Source: the proverb comes from the work of the “dictionary of the African proverbs, editions of Harmattan”.

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