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¤ The Restaurant ¤

Cameroon as if you were there

You already remained in CAMEROON - or in anot her country of tropical Africa - and sometimes, you feel a little nostalgic…?

You never went there - and you would like, but it is far…?

In all the cases, see Marcel!
Marcel BOUM.
It is the Lion.
Understand: Marcel and his team will receive you to "LE LION INDOMPTABLE", THE restaurant of African specialities of the 20th district of Paris.

Opened in 1998, it is located at two steps of the place of the Nation, rue de la Réunion, with the n° 86. It is in the middle of a district-village which the inhabitants maintain some, with ardour and conviction, a beautifuls pirit of solidarity, while the frontages of the buildings remake a look the ones after the others.

And Marcel will receive you in all simplicity, the restaurant it is at his place, and at his place you will beas on your premise.

In first, the place:

Sympathetic and cordial… under goodguard: one or two lions sit enthroned in good place at the entry.
Does a soft light accommodate you, the typical odor of…? …; colors of the fabric tablecloths of loincloth, those of the flowers in the room.

The large room with the basement, apparent stones and arched room, is to you a true cocoon, with the variation of the agitation of the city!

And then: the smile frank, the handshake, and bursts of laughter at the Lion, happy to accommodate you in his den where it is good to spend a moment!

The music, - the music which he likes passionately and which it selects with the greatest care - supplements environment.

You here thus in good condition to pass “to the serious things”!

The table

For finding the odor of the country, you will start with a Rum-Bissap or a rum-ginger, impossible to circumvent.

A small selection of entries is proposed to you, for the setting in mouth - and confidence -, in an already known register: rolls, will accras, stuffed, or more specific crab with “Indomptable salad”.

To continue:
Maffés, Ndolés Cameronian, plates coming straight from the country and simply braised, sauce Gombo…
With you to choose, on the enlightened councils of the owner, meat or the fish which you wish to eat prepared of one or other way.

With rice, yams, Fufu of manioc or bananas plantains, of course, in accompaniment.

For the the least adventurous some specialities Senegalese also appear in the chart, whose names and savours are today, for us other Westerners, more familiar: Inter alia a Tiep bu dieum, or a chicken Yassa whose sauce was in particular concoct by the Lion.

A precision which has its importance:
The dishes are typical.
Not “folk”, nor “tourist”!
Thus do not fear a kitchen hyper spiced which would burn you the language and fire with the stomach would put to you, it is not the kind of the house.

Composed of products of origin, the dishes are prepared with a whole spice pallet delicate, in which the meat or the fish marinated what it is necessary of time to emphasize their true taste.
The pepper, as for him, scented well! , is at your disposal on the table, to use with your discretion.

You will finish, as we like to do it in our European meals, by a dessert agreably scented:
Side coconut house, banana flambe, sorbet, or quite simply a fresh fruit coming straight from Cameroon according to the season (the mangos should have been tasted!!!).
Unless a small rum…

Let us announce, for the experts and the nostalgic ones, a choice of beers as one can appreciate them in Africa.

At the end of your meal, you will be satisfied, the palate still under the charm of all these particular savours.

Then you will be able to fully appreciate the music, in which you bathe since your arrival, and which contributed to transport you to the country of the Indomptable Lions:

Let go itself, the music, here, it is made to move it is not Marcel who will tell you the opposite.

Moreover, its restaurant regularly offers animations which make assemble the heat of the place:

Punctually, of the exposures of paintings, of works carried out by artists that Africa inspired on the walls the photographs of the Lion surrounded by his/her faithfulfriends replace.

And, each Thursday evening, a musician in the room accompanies you in rhythm…

For better returning:
“Reception, authenticity, sincerity”, such are the three commands of Marcel, the Master of the places to "LE LION INDOMPTABLE".
You also you will succumb to it !!!
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